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Looking out for an authentic source of fruits grown withoutpesticides or that has not been artificially ripened/ dipped in chemical agentsjust to stay on the shelf longer ? Worry not because with Healthy Buddha youcan now order freshly grown and harvested organic fruits in Bangalore online.We partner with local organic farmers and make sure the harvest reaches youfresh once you order, no storage of produce is done.

Healthy balanced meals always include fruits consumed in seasonalvariety and regularly. They are good sources of fibre, vitamins, minerals,antioxidants and irrespective of what your dietary preferences are youshould always include some in your diet. We call them nature's candy, as apartfrom being nutritious can replace unhealthy snacking - keeping you full longerpreventing unnecessary binge.

But finding a reliable online store that can deliver 100%authentic organic fruits at your doorstep is difficult. Also, you may not likeshopping for groceries in your local market which is always crowded or you findit difficult to commute after working long hours in the office. This is wherewe, Healthy Buddha, come into the picture. Our website and app aredesigned in such a way that you can do grocery shopping easily and smoothly(even if you are on metro/train/bus) and get it delivered to your home. Clickhere to learn more about our farmers.

From Farm to Your Home - Order Fruits online

The desire for fresh fruits directly sourced from farms is growing because people are becoming more health-conscious. Luckily, technology has bridged the gap between farmers and consumers. You can now order organic fruits online and discover the taste of fresh and delicious fruits straight from the farms right in your home. Gone are the days when you must travel for hours to find a local farmer selling farm-fresh fruits. Today, you can effortlessly buy various fruits from online fruit shops. Buying online fruits in Bangalore has become the most preferred option as you can choose from a wide variety of fruits, support local farmers, and enjoy the health benefits of fresh fruits.

Enjoy a Variety of Fresh Fruits Anytime, Anywhere with HealthyBuddha’s Online Fruits Delivery

Thanks to the prevalence of the modern digital technology, convenience plays a vital role in everyone’s lives. The internet has revolutionized our shopping and the way we access to all types of products and services including fresh fruits. Through Healthy Buddha’s online fruit delivery service, you can have fresh, natural, chemical-free, and exceptionally tasty fruits to your doorstep. Healthy Buddha has made it possible to bring a wide assortment of fruits to the comforts of your home. We carefully source these fruits from trusted organic and natural farmers, making sure that only the best-tasting and flavorful fruits are selected. Our commitment and dedication to our customers guarantee quick and prompt delivery. With our user-friendly online ordering system you can now easily purchase fruits in Bangalore without any hassles.

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It is convenient and time-saving. You can support local farmers and contribute to sustainable farm practices by Fruits online shopping. You can buy fresh fruits online from Heathy Buddha without any hassles and have them delivered to your doorstep. We have transformed into an online market/mandi but with strict controls to ensure only the best farmers are allowed to sell.
We promote the consumption of seasonal fruits and refrain from selling non-seasonal ones. This is because seasonal fruits are not only packed with nutrition but are also incredibly delicious.
Healthy Buddha exclusively deals with chemical-free, natural and organic produce. Our products are procured from either from orchards with organic certification or farms that use natural farming methods such as ZBNF(SPNF) or other methods that rely fully on natural inputs for growing their produce.
To avoid fruits getting damaged during transportation, we normally deliver semi-ripe fruits and not ready-to-eat full ripe fruits.
We strictly believe in avoiding artificial methods like carbide stones and ethylene fruits to ripen the fruits. We let the fruits ripen naturally at room temperature. For mangoes, we use hay to enable their natural ripening. We deliver them to our customers after bringing them to a semi-ripe state.
One can experience the authentic taste of fruits when they are grown naturally or organically. The taste of organic fruits are reminiscent of the delicious flavors that you enjoyed during your childhood. Moreover, they have a higher content of nutrients and antioxidants.
We sell a wide variety of fruits including avocado, banana, mangoes, lychee, cherries, papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, watermelon, muskmelon, mangosteen, dragon fruit, guava, berries, grapes, oranges, chikoo, etc. To order, visit our website. Select the fruits you want and place the order. Shopping with us is easy and convenient.
Yes, it is an easier and safer option. You can enjoy fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables from the comforts of your home. Click here to experience hassle-free Fruits online shopping experience
Make sure the vendor is trustworthy and reliable because you may be cheated with low-quality or rotten fruits. You are assured of fresh fruits when you buy from Healthy Buddha. Read customer reviews to ensure the fruits are fresh and of high quality.
Depending on your location in Bangalore, delivery options are available either next day or within 2-3 days. We also offer pick-up options in North and South Goa. Please check our website to know about the delivery options for your location.

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