About Microgreens

Consuming organic microgreens is one of the newest trends in healthy eating today. Microgreens are immature vegetable greens between 2.5 and 7.5 cm (1-3 inches) tall. The first true leaves of the plant emerge 7 to 21 days after germination, at which point they are typically harvested.

A microgreen has a single central stem that is removed when harvesting just above the soil. Its stem and leaves are regarded as edible. They come in various colours and textures and have a fragrant flavour. Organic microgreens contain rich nutrients, and depending on the kind, their tastes can differ. Buy microgreens in Bangalore online from Healthy Buddha.

Why Eat Organic Microgreens?

      Despite their little appearance, organic microgreens are nutrient-dense. They are thought of as foods high in nutrients.

      According to research in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, microgreens had substantially higher nutritional concentrations than mature greens.

      According to research, they also have a more extensive range of polyphenols and other antioxidants than their mature counterparts.

      Microgreens provide a concentrated dose of nutrients and beneficial plant proteins. As a result, they could lower the risk of developing numerous illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

      Microgreens are abundant in vital nutrients for maintaining healthy skin and eyes.

How to Eat Microgreens?

At least 75% of the nutrients in microgreens can be obtained by cooking them for 15 minutes at 140–180°F. When cooked for more than30 minutes or less, vegetables lose less than 50% of their nutritional value. Microgreens can be consumed both raw and cooked. They are simple to incorporate raw into any meal.

Add microgreens in salads, soups, omelettes, pasta, sandwiches, daal, roti, and dosa batter. Or eat them raw. Explore our recipe section on our website for fun microgreen recipes.

Why Buy Microgreens Online in Bangalore From Healthy Buddha?

When you try an organically grown fruit or vegetable, you will realise that it tastes considerably better than food grown using chemicals. It is disappointing that consumers are ignorant and regularly consume toxic food that contains chemicals.

Healthy Buddha is an online organic store in Bangalore offering direct-from-the-farm home delivery of organically produced fruits, vegetables, and nonperishables. buy microgreens in Bangalore online at Healthy Buddha.

How to Store Microgreens?

Some microgreens have a shelf life of 14–21 days at 4 °C (39 °F). The shelf life is reduced by 50% when the temperature is raised by 6°C (11°F) (7-10days). The coolest area of the refrigerator is the bottom shelf. Store your microgreens in an airtight container to keep them fresh and free from spoiling.

Microgreens Price List



Micro Greens - Arugula/ Rocket (50gms, Harvested)

1 Tray - ₹ 235

Baby Spinach (100gms)

1 Packet - ₹ 75

Micro Greens - Pink Radish (50gms, Harvested)

1 Tray - ₹ 135

Micro Greens - Purple/ Sango Raddish (50gms, Harvested)

₹ 135

Micro Greens - Sunflower Shoots (50gms, Harvested)

1 Box - ₹ 149

Wheatgrass (50gms, Harvested)

1 Box - ₹ 109

Micro Greens - Peas (50gms, Harvested)

1 Tray - ₹ 139


     Pink Radish Sprouts: The vital amino acids and chlorophyll found in radish sprouts provide a variety of health benefits, from helping the digestive system to preventing cancer. 

     Pea Shoots: About 35% of the DV for vitamin C and 15% for vitamin A are each provided in one cup of pea shoots.

     Wheatgrass: Wheat grass contains high levels of vitamins A, B complex, C, and E. In addition, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron, and potassium are present in this green machine.

Bangalore customers can order fresh organic produce and curated grocery / pantry products directly from Healthy Buddha. The organic products we source come directly from a handpicked network of organic farmers. Healthy Buddha’s organic certification comes from NPOP, India. Buy microgreens in Bangalore online from Healthy Buddha.
Compared to baby greens, microgreens are more flavorful and taste more like their mature plants. Microgreens lack some of the nutrients that baby greens do. After two and four weeks, respectively, microgreens and baby greens are harvested. Compared to baby greens, microgreens can be planted more closely and produced more quickly.
Pregnant women, young children, and the elderly should never consume raw microgreen vegetables. Due to their weakened immune systems, this population is more prone to infection.
Yes! Microgreens fit the keto diet. Incorporating microgreens in your low-carb diet is a terrific strategy to improve nutrition if you're a keto eater who prefers consuming a lot of fat, protein, and very little produce.
Microgreens must unquestionably be refrigerated. Microgreens must be kept cool to preserve their freshness, like lettuce and other leafy greens.

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