Lookingout for an authentic source of exotic produce grown without pesticides or thathas not been dipped in chemicals just to stay on the shelf longer ? Worry notbecause with Healthy Buddha you can now order freshly grown and harvested organicexotic fruits and vegetables in Bangalore online.

Wepartner with local organic farmers to grow & bring many of the exoticvariety of produce. We also make sure the harvest reaches you fresh once youorder, no storage of produce is done.

Butfinding a reliable online store that can deliver 100% authentic organic exotic fruitsand vegetables at your doorstep is difficult. Also, you may not like shoppingfor groceries in your local market which is always crowded or you find itdifficult to commute after working long hours in the office. This is where we,Healthy Buddha, come into the picture. Our website and app are designed insuch a way that you can do grocery shopping easily and smoothly (even if youare on metro/train/bus) and get it delivered to your home. Click here to learnmore about our farmers

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