If you have taken up the hobby of gardening then it is important for you to make sure you are well versed with all the different types of gardening tools and accessories. This will not only help you to enjoy gardening but will also teach you how to use each tool efficiently.

List of garden accessories tool sets and equipment you should have

  • Hand Trowel 

Hand trowel is used to dig holes and to transplant seedlings. You can also use it for filling pots with the potting mix and spreading vermicompost.

  • Gardening Gloves

A good pair of gardening gloves will make your gardening experience safe and enjoyable. Gardening gloves will protect your hands from rough and toughs of  gardening such as thorns and injuries from other tools. Buy gloves that have longer cuffs as they will also protect your forearms from scratches and prevent the soil from getting inside the glove.

  • Khurpi / Kurpa
Khurpi or Kurpa is a short handle cutting tool with a flat blade that can be used for digging soil and cutting weeds.

  • Watering Can 

watering can is one of the most essential gardening tools you should have. Watering your plants is very important. Always go for a longer spout watering can because it is better balanced, and if it is made of plastic then it is also lightweight and easy to handle.

  • Hand Cultivator

Hand cultivator or Garden cultivator is used for digging the soil and for removing weeds.

  • Organic Manure

Organic manure such as Vermicompost or Neem cake can be used instead of chemical fertilizers as using organic manure helps the plants easily absorb the nutrients from the soil and retain it. With this, you can easily cultivate organic fruits and vegetables in your garden.

  • Plant seeds

We also sell plant seeds of various vegetables and fruits such as calendula seedscucumber seedscoriander seedsmarigold seedslettuce green seedslady finger seedsred cherry tomato, etc.

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Benefits of gardening

  • Exposure to Vitamin D

Gardening is an outdoor activity that enables you to work under the sun and also feeds your body with Vitamin D.

  • Boosts mood and decrease anxiety levels

According to a study, gardening helps boost mood and decrease anxiety levels.

  • Lowers stress levels

Gardening can lower your stress levels and makes you more positive.

  •  Soil is a natural mood booster

According to a study, a bacteria called Mycobacterium vaccae, found in the soil helps activate serotonin levels-releasing neurons when you inhale the air in your garden.

  • Gives you organic food for little to no money

If you are not using any kind of chemical fertiliser then you are basically getting free and healthy organic food right in your garden which is much healthier than the food you purchase from the local vendors.

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Knowledge of gardening tools will make sure your gardening experience is more joyful, easier, and faster. Tools will help you do tasks with more efficiency which you couldn’t have done with your hand.
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