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Many of you love Healthy Buddha's Spicy Peanut or the Crunchy Chikki Bar. Ever taken a moment to wonder how and where the p..

Did you know - without honey bees you will not be able to savour on those crunchy juicy cucumbers you eat from healthy buddha (or ..

Munisamy is a 31 year old organic farmer from Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu. We have been working with him at Healthy Buddha for more tha..

What do you do every time you feel peckish and want to grab a small bite to meet your snack cravings? Let me guess – you buy a pac..

" I grew up in Bangalore on a diet of fresh-cooked meals and stories. I'm an author (my book, Lessons From My Mother's Kitchen, is..

" I'm Sonali, a Yoga teacher and wellness coach by profession. I'm living with my husband in Bangalore from 4 years. You are ..

When Mango naturally produces a gas that aids ripening, why go artificial ?Mango is a fruit that naturally releases ethylene. This..

" A maverick mom of two boys, wife of a foodie, firm believer of less is more, I have my roots from Gujarat and Rajasthan. Founder..

The pandemic may not be over, but we can still continue traditions that offer hope, warmth and lift spirits. Wishing you all Eid M..

Come lets meet Thangam" I’m Thangam; a film student originally from Slovakia, living in India for the past 4 years now as my husba..

Why use soapstone Cookware ?They always say for what our ancestors did, they had good reasons behind it.We all demand explanations..

Just before the mango season, we've been having a 'Berry' Nice Season!Who doesn’t love berries ? They're among the most popular fr..

Are you using plastic cling film for food storage in your kitchen ?Then we say it’s time to switch to a more sustainable option,&n..

#whyorganic #dirtydozenindia #mangoNow comes the king of fruit. Apart from regular usage of chemical pesticides and fungicides, t..

It’s that time of the year, exams are over and summer vacations have started. A host of memories come flo..

In regular farming, apart from regular usage of chemical pesticides and fungicides, there is another practice of using a growth re..

Being a nutritionist, wellness coach and a mother it comes naturally for me to go the organic way. The challenge was sticking to m..

I am Lalita and it is a challenge to introduce myself. No, not because I have led a very adventurous, roller-coaster life (not yet..

Seema is a mother of two, who originally hails from Kerala. She lived in UAE for 14 years and is currently settled in Bangalore.&n..

I was born in Chennai, grew up in Trichy & studied Biotechnology. Now, I have 2 adorable boys (my son and husband) who keep me..

Annapurna Farm is part of the group of Auroville’s organic farms. Annapurna is a farm of 135 acres with black cotton soi..

Otherwise a cynical being, I dream about environmental sustainability (that's indeed a weighty term, and why stop at healthy food!..

I am Sharada Mohan. I come from a kannada speaking orthodox family - born and brought up in Bangalore. I work as a Senior engineer..

Here is a guide to growing your own avocado from saplingsPlanting ·         Avocado tree..

Earthworms are one of the most important soil animals; they have the capability to maintain the fertility of the soil. Earthworms ..

Last week, My mother and I had the opportunity of visiting an organic farm with Healthy Buddha and here is my experience/take away..

Do you have a green thumb and love sowing and growing plants? Are you constantly on the lookout for hacks to increase soil fertili..

The earliest references to cheese production in Greece date back to the 8th century BC , The Greek word "feta" comes from the Ital..

Ideas to try with Baby (Raw) Jackfruit While scrolling through healthy buddha website recently you’ve probably seen baby jac..

In 2010, when Haiti, reeling from destruction caused by a massive earthquake, was hit with an outbreak of cholera and a widespread..

This bold and hearty 65% utility chocolate, made exclusively from South Indian organically certified cacao beans, brings character..

We’re sure you’ve heard about cold-pressed oils that are sitting on the shelves of several organic stores. If you think buying and..

With the monsoons showing no signs of relenting, you wonder which vegetables can grow well in such weather. Of course, you can’t t..

If you have been wondering why the onion prices have shot up so high. Here is the answer you have been looking for.In simple words..

Now that you are done with all the giveaways, hampers and discounts for womens day. Let us get to the main point.This women's day,..

 Did you know there is a list called the Dirty Dozen™ that comes out each year ?  Strawberries top the list almost eve..

One of the newest in the world of healthy eating today, is the consumption of microgreens. Have you seen these miniature like gree..

You can check the enclosed video to see the farm from where the milk comes Here are few FAQs that might help. Do we do D..

Did you know you can grow celery right at your balcony? All you need is a bunch of celery from HB (or anywhere) Thi..

Did you know - Cashews are actually not nuts. They are the kidney-shaped seeds so that they adhere to the bottom of the cashew app..

 My name is Kumar Jayaraman, I've been a software professional for more than 16 years and designing user friendly products fo..

Sometimes in the eggs that you buy from us, you might see that it has lost its brown colour which may instill a lot of questions i..

Life In A Coconut ShellIn my parenting journey, there have been many situations everyday where decisions need to be made. These de..

This herbaceous vine of the family Menispermaceae is indigenous to the tropical areas of India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. It is a lar..

One is to Mix ajwain seeds with mustard oil and applied to the cardboard pieces and placed in different areas in your house to war..

Holi is the traditional festival celebrated all over India with frolic and gusto marking the return of spring. This is the festiva..

Seed Germination has always been a bit tricky. Even experienced gardeners struggle at times to get the germination right. We have ..

Methi is an herb that adds so much zest and flavour to your meals. They give the best flavour and aroma when used fresh, which is ..

Are you one of those who throw away pumpkin seeds after eating the pumpkin? If yes, you are throwing a well of benefits along with..

This post is specifically for all of you who have always wondered what the difference is between the cold pressed and virgin cocon..

Bees are amazing creatures, doing so many things with precision, using their small bodies and feet. You may be using honey on an e..

Era of Green RevolutionHigh yielding varieties (HYVs) in Rice & Wheat were introduced in India in 1965-66 in Punjab, Haryana &..

Did you know that there’s a much shorter and smaller way to get the nutrients your body needs than vegetables? If you wonder ..

If you have been wondering why the onion prices have shot up so high. Here is the answer you have been looking for.In simple words..

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